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trolly polly's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
trolly polly

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[06 Aug 2005|03:40pm]

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[23 Nov 2003|06:28pm]

Hate edge?
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[08 Nov 2003|10:23pm]

You have just entered room "Chat 3576508330305331067."
GottaGoBooBoo has entered the room.
Brokenboarder17 has entered the room.
androgynous hoe: hey!
Brokenboarder17: hi
androgynous hoe: my name is cynthia
androgynous hoe: my girlfriends name is tony
GottaGoBooBoo: hey sexy
Brokenboarder17: hi
GottaGoBooBoo: hehe
androgynous hoe: we've never been with a guy before
androgynous hoe: be gentle, okay?
Brokenboarder17: well u r now
Brokenboarder17: ok
GottaGoBooBoo: hehe I guess you're right!
GottaGoBooBoo: we're usually just with a bunch of girls :-D
androgynous hoe: we lick a lot ;-)
androgynous hoe: what should we do?
GottaGoBooBoo: we should do what we did last night
Brokenboarder17: what u do last night
GottaGoBooBoo: Broken.. do you just like cyber.. or do you like phone too?
Brokenboarder17: cyber
androgynous hoe: ok
GottaGoBooBoo: oo well we like phones
androgynous hoe: last night we stuck phones up eachother
Brokenboarder17: o ok
androgynous hoe: hehe ;-)
Brokenboarder17: interesting
GottaGoBooBoo: now our phone is a little bloody hehe
Brokenboarder17: o
GottaGoBooBoo: can you lick it clean for us?
Brokenboarder17: sure
androgynous hoe: ohhh
GottaGoBooBoo: oo really?!?!
androgynous hoe: this is so hot
GottaGoBooBoo: that is such a turn on!
androgynous hoe: i'm getting wet
Brokenboarder17: good
GottaGoBooBoo: I've already been wet!
GottaGoBooBoo: the other day I got soooo wet, that my panties are still soaked!
Brokenboarder17: i am getting a lil hard
androgynous hoe: what is everyone wearing?
Brokenboarder17: o wow
Brokenboarder17: boxers
androgynous hoe: ooohh
androgynous hoe: what color?
Brokenboarder17: what u two wearing
GottaGoBooBoo: I'm just wearing my stained wife beater and granny panties
androgynous hoe: i am wearing a silky bra
androgynous hoe: and lacy panties
androgynous hoe: pink
Brokenboarder17: whate
Brokenboarder17: white*
androgynous hoe: are you negro?
Brokenboarder17: no
Brokenboarder17: u
androgynous hoe: good
Brokenboarder17: ok
androgynous hoe: i dont like negros
Brokenboarder17: ok
androgynous hoe: they scare me
GottaGoBooBoo: i heard that white boys have small dicks
Brokenboarder17: ya well that ant true
GottaGoBooBoo: is this true?
GottaGoBooBoo: oo ok good! :-D
androgynous hoe: how big is yours?
Brokenboarder17: 81\2 in
androgynous hoe: MY DILDO IS BIGGER!!
androgynous hoe: but thats ok
Brokenboarder17: it is plastic
androgynous hoe: your dick?
GottaGoBooBoo: your dick is plastic?
Brokenboarder17: mine is real
GottaGoBooBoo: real plastic?
Brokenboarder17: no ur dildo is plastic
androgynous hoe: OHJHJHH
androgynous hoe: lol
Brokenboarder17: my dick is real
androgynous hoe: how thick?
GottaGoBooBoo: oooo ok
GottaGoBooBoo: LOLZ I thought your dick was plastic for a sec hehe
Brokenboarder17: never measured
GottaGoBooBoo: I measured mine
androgynous hoe: if i was there could i put my lips on it?
GottaGoBooBoo: oops I mean I'll measure yours!
Brokenboarder17: if u were here i would let u
androgynous hoe: ohhhhh
androgynous hoe: im so wet
androgynous hoe: i wet myself
androgynous hoe: brb, i need a towel
Brokenboarder17: i am getting a lil hard
GottaGoBooBoo: ooo shit!
Brokenboarder17: ok
Brokenboarder17: wa
GottaGoBooBoo: hahaha you pissed your pants?!
Brokenboarder17: ya
androgynous hoe: ok back
androgynous hoe: no
Brokenboarder17: haha
androgynous hoe: he made me get wety
Brokenboarder17: o ok
GottaGoBooBoo: ooo ok
androgynous hoe: with his average sized penis
GottaGoBooBoo: 8 1/2 is pretty good for white boys though...
GottaGoBooBoo: just a couple inches small
Brokenboarder17: i g2g ttyl
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[28 Sep 2003|10:27pm]


i hate him
troll/flame him

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[21 Sep 2003|01:03am]

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haha [11 Sep 2003|05:54pm]

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hello i just joined [30 Aug 2003|07:35am]

[ mood | amused ]

ijust want to say hi amd introduce myself? what do you guys do in this community? im lost? im scared ahhhhhhhh -=starts crying=- oh sorry that was the emo side of my family coming out

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[25 Aug 2003|07:30pm]

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[28 Jul 2003|03:15pm]

Yay first pic of me doing stupid shit pissing off emo kids!

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[27 Jul 2003|01:46am]

quick before they delete it!
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[26 Jul 2003|10:52pm]

my emo car crash post can be seen at
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[26 Jul 2003|03:24pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I want to take a picture of myself underneath a car, with a caption that says "Save me from this constant carcrash"!

But, I don't have a camera. :(

So, someone take a picture like that to make me giggle, and post it in an emokids community.

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Fucking Newbie... [26 Jul 2003|03:45pm]

Im new here and shall take/post stupid pics and piss of people in communities, yay!
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we are smar! [26 Jul 2003|02:38pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

i made my food post in :
a kelly clarkson community
a happy list community
and an emo community
hasnouse is fun to mess with
see here and here
i posted a camment with a picture of someone taking out a tampon in the 2nd one. he deleted it. KILL KILL KILL!

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